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Serra + Woodblock Chocolate

Relief Square - Nine Servings

2:1 CBD Chocolate


The limited edition CBD Dark Chocolate Bar (70% cacao) is made with orange peel, lavender, and bergamot oil – flavors which blend perfectly with the unique cacao from Trinidad that's grown exclusively for this bar. This ethically sourced cacao with tasting notes of figs, marshmallow, pepper, and raspberries is grown on an exclusive micro-lot at La Reunion Estate in Trinidad and cannot be found in any other product. 

Each serving contains approximately 5mg of CBD and 2.5mg of THC; gentle enough for the edible newcomer. 

The Woodblock Chocolate bar by Serra is made from delicious craft chocolate and pure cannabis distillate, brought together in their grow and extraction facility. To provide the highest caliber of flavor, they work with Woodblock Chocolate, a family-run, bean-to-bar chocolate manufactory in Portland, proud to be part of the American craft chocolate revolution. Each batch of Woodblock Chocolate undergoes a thoughtful roasting and refining process. Complemented by just three ingredients – a touch of real cane sugar, cocoa butter, and cannabis oil with the terpenes removed – the full taste of the cacao comes through. 

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