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Prūf Cultivar

Tangie Cookies

Tangie Meets GSC


Tangie Cookies gives off vibes of grooviness and cosmic creativity, with citrus, sweet, and fruity flavors. This strain combines the sweet citrus flavors of Tangie with the earthy grunge of GSC. Darker purple than its phenotypical siblings, the flower provides a beautiful backdrop for its visibly iridescent trichomes. This robust Sativa Hybrid is sure to energize and soothe, with powerful, long-lasting effects.

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  • Head
  • Mild
  • Body
  • Strong


Nerolidol, beta-Caryophyllene, d-Limonene, beta-Myrcene, Linalool, alpha-Humulene, Isopulegol, beta-Pinene, alpha-Pinene, Camphene

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