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Toker II

Toker II

The Iconic Beaker Pipe


Introduced in the early 70’s, the TOKER II water pipe combined laboratory precision, sleek design, and extreme usability to achieve iconic status and become wildly popular among those in the know. 

TOKER has since added a few things to make this retro legend even better. Included with each purchase is a new 14mm adapter downstem, so you can use all of your 14mm custom slides and rigs on your new TOKER II and MINI-TOKER. 

The party doesn’t start until the TOKER II arrives.

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The deets

  • Made from Class A Borosilicate 3.3 glass (Pyrex) – laboratory standard.
  • Modified round, flat-bottom lab flask design.
  • 500ml size – about the size of a softball.
  • Precision engineered to deliver superior smoking performance (for tobacco use only).
  • Easy to clean – parts come apart for easy cleaning.
  • Package includes, TOKER II Flask Body, TOKER II Downstem, TOKER II 14mm Adapter for your favorite slides and rigs, and a metal poker. (14mm slides not included.)

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