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Introducing the Ro Yo Half-O


A juicy half ounce of premium flower, pre-ground for a smooth, rollable, stash that lasts, all for just $40. It’s the best deal yet at Electric Lettuce, and perfect for bringing enough to share everywhere you go this holiday and New Year’s party season.

No leftover crumbles. No deadbeat shake.

Just 14 grams of primo nugs, buds, and nuglets, freshly-ground and ready to roll. Bring your Ro Yo to any sesh and easily pitch in to the next joint, blunt, salad bowl—whatever’s in rotation.

Adventure-ready, friend-friendly, and available now at all Electric Lettuces in four of your favorite frequencies:


Substantial body buzz with a happy head for relaxation.


Invigorating hits from an aware strain provide focus.


Powerful relaxation, with minimal mental activity.


These lifty buds are ideal for sparking the creative process.

Where will you roll with your Ro Yo?